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Phaistos Disc: 4000 Year Old CD-ROM Decoded

A nearly 4000 year-old CD-ROM? Sounds kinda absurd? Well it’s not. The 1700-BC-dated Phaistos Disc has supposedly engraved on its two sides a prayer for the “mother goddess” of the Minoan times. 

phaistos disc

A scientist has finally deciphered the meaning of the markings coded onto a clay disk from around 1, 700 BC. The mysterious object discovered in 1908 on the island of Crete has been named “Phaistos disk”.

It had symbols engraved onto it on both sides, in a spiral configuation: they would only make sense when read from the outside towards the center. The disc has perplexed scientists throughout the years, without the latter being able to interpret the meaning of the symbols. Dr Gareth Owens from the Technological Educational Institute of Crete seems to now have an answer.

The Phaistos disk has 45 individual symbols on it, creating 241 “picture segments”. According to Owens, the symbols arrange to form a prayer to a “mother goddess” of ancient times.

“The most stable word and value is ‘mother,’ and in particular the mother goddess of the Minoan era,” said Owens.

Owens explained that, according to his research, one of the wordings translated into “great lady of importance” and another “pregnant mother”. However, he did not decode everything written out on the disc which he has once described as a “CD-ROM” because of its shape and coded information.


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