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Send Your Name to Mars with NASA

With NASA’s new spacecraft Orion ready to be launched, your name can fly to the nearest sky and follow in the space missions..


You can now have your name flying to Mars, and even beyond, into the unknown space. NASA has a new project, whereby its Orion spacecraft will be fired into space for the first time on the 4th of December, and your name (and the names of all your loved ones, for that matter) has the chance of being part of the journey.

Orion is the newest of NASA’s spacecrafts and it is planned for it to carry out missions on the moon, an asteroid and finally to Mars. Before undergoing its missions, Orion will have a four-hour two-orbit mission around our planet and back. The names will continue being part of its missions though.

“NASA is pushing the boundaries of exploration and working hard to send people to Mars in the future,” said Mark Geyer, Orion Program manager. “When we set foot on the Red Planet, we’ll be exploring for all of humanity. Flying these names will enable people to be part of our journey.”

The deadline to submit your names is the 31st of October. You can submit yours here.


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