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Watch It: Lab-Made Penises Are Now A Reality

Brace yourselves: we now have lab-grown human penises being engineered by scientists! The team behind this invention have proved to be successful in the past implanting such artificial organs to patients. Their first lab-manufactured organ was the bladder, and they have also created vaginas for females with genital defects. Approval to graft the penises onto patients has not yet been given though.

We might not be able to emulate animals that have the capacity to regrow limb members after they have been chopped off like famous Wolverine would, but, regenerative medicine has undergone such headway that we can now have lab-grown full organs. Scientists working in this specialised field have, in the past, implanted a lab-made bladder into humans years ago, back in 1999 – the first of its kind. The same team of scientists who thus became the pioneers of this study area have now gone steps ahead with a new creation of theirs: laboratory-grown penises.

They are researchers from the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine. They have also been successful at inserting such engineered vaginas into women with genital defects. Their new lab-manufactured organ, the artificially-engineered penis, will hopefully pave the way for relief for men born with genital abnormalities or men having sustained damaging injuries. The lead author, Anthony Atala, started working on creating genital parts in the lab in 1992. More than 15 years later, in 2008, they proved that lab-engineered penises are hypothetically possible to be made.

Recently, they have grown 12 penises for their rabbit subjects. The rabbits were then made to mate with females, and 8 of them had successful ejaculations, with 4 of them producing offspring. Now, how cool is that – artifically-made penises grafted onto rabbits aiding the act of procreation?!

The scientists then went forward with making human penises: they have already engineered 6 of these.

You would think that human trials are just a step away. But, it is not as easy to gain the permission to do so. The researchers are positive that they might get the approval within a period of five years. They would need a donor penis so that they can obtain the cells from it. They would then cultivate smooth muscle and endothelial cells from the donor. To avoid undesired immunological effects when grafting the penis onto the patients, they would use some of the cells of the very patients.


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