Day: November 4, 2014

HIV AIDS Spontaneous Cure Mechanism Found By Scientists

Two men having been infected with HIV, but, never having developed symptoms, might hold the answer to a possible cure to the disease. Also, one of the two was infected by the deadly virus 3 decades ago. The pathogens have indeed infiltrated into their immune systems but they have remained in an inactive state. Scientists

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Alternative to Antibiotics That Destroys Toxins of Bacteria Developed

While antibiotics are known to save lives of many all across the globe, they also have a major drawback: they inadvertently promote bacterial resistance whereby the bacteria respond by evolving strategies to become immune to the action of the antibiotics such that the latter can no more neutralise them. To avoid this problem, a group of international

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Breast Cancer Slowing Drug Found in Sea-Sponge

Deep seas are often associated with precious treasures, perhaps because of hyped pirate stories? A sea sponge has, however, proved to be invaluable for breast cancer patients, more specifically those afflicted with TNBC. A drug, eribulin, was manufactured from the marine creature that has been shown to prolong the lives of patients who have reached

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“Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater”, Scientifically Proven

Losers who cheat in relationships are more likely to do so yet again, even to the very one with whom they cheated in the first place. According to a new study, a person preying on others’ partners, or worse, having the latter cheat to start a relationship, is only making matters worse for himself: the

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Millions of Spiders Invade A Treatment By Weaving Giant Webs

Ever wondered what it would be like if spiders joined forces in millions and decided to design their super web catering for all of them? This is what it would like:- Photo credit: Greene et al., 2010/ Entomological Society of America Spiders are scary enough when they are by themselves, alone without their other intimidating friends, such

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