Day: November 10, 2014

Operation Onymous Hits Silk Road 2.0 and Several Underground Websites


Operation Onymous Catches Big “Fish” like Silk Road 2.0 in the Deep Web – The top-secret operation known as Operation Onymous, was flawlessly executed over the course of two days on November 5th and 6th, by a conjoined effort of law enforcement agencies from 16 European nations and the United States. The Federal Bureau of

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Control The Hand of Another Person With Your Mind? – Possible Say Scientists

What would the world be like if humans could control the minds, or part thereof, of other fellow humans? Maybe the day this happens is not so far into the distant future. Researchers from the University of Washington have succeeded at transmitting brain signals from one person to another, thereby allowing for the hand of the

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Dodo Anatomy: 3D Scans Reveal New Features Unknown Until Now

Gone for 3 centuries, but, still having withheld secrets from us: this is the new reality of the dodo. New scans of the only complete skeleton of the extinct bird have revealed portions of its anatomy that was previously undocumented. The dodo, the flightless bird, gone extinct around the year 1693, has ever since kept

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