Day: November 11, 2014

Remains of Ice Age Infants Unearthed in Alaska

The remains of two infants found in Alaska in 2013 have revealed new information about the organization of societies having existed around 11 000 years ago. Researchers have documented the youngest remains ever to have been discovered in the region of North America, in a site in Alaska. The remains were found back in 2013

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A Virus Which Makes Humans “Stupid” Observed

Scientists have stumbled upon a virus that can allegedly make us go bonkers. The virus which is known to infect algae was initially thought not to reach the human system. Technically, it might affect cognitive functions like visual processing and spatial awareness. The virus in question is said to live in green algae found in rivers

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Live Till 120 Years By Doing Drugs, Eating Well and Exercising

The secret to a long life might be in one’s diet, according to a team of scientists. The latter added that the combination of healthy eating habits, exercising and regular consumption of beneficial drugs like statins allows for the process of cell division to go on smoothly that ultimately lead to a longer life span. Come

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Japanese Firm, SEL, Bringing Flexible Tablets Foldable Into Smartphones

How cool would it be if we could fold our tablets into smartphones which could also be folded into something smaller? Well, if this what we dream of, it can soon become reality, brought to you by a Japanese firm, SEL.   Smartphones might be extremely fragile, with the batteries depleting in no time, but soon,

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