Day: November 13, 2014

Anonymous Hackers Expose 190 Pedophiles in Operation Darknet


About 190 alleged pedophiles and their IP details have been disclosed by hackers group, Anonymous today. The list was gathered from a tracker software which the alleged pedophiles downloaded on the underground site Darknet. Quoted below from the official release of the group on anonhq.com Anonymous activated ‘Operation Darknet’ to campaign against the child porn

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Super Genes Can Make You Live Longer

Our environment and the habits we cultivate are said to have huge impacts on our life spans. However, a new study has subtly contested this statement: the researchers have suggested that the secret to a long life is found in the genome. They have examined the DNA of a group of supercentenarians and concluded that their

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Scientists Release Dolphin Robots Near Antarctica Seas

Scientists trying to pierce the mystery of the rapid melting of ice in the region of Antarctica have used dolphin-like robots to gather data from the depths of the south pole seas. The ‘dolphin’s allowed for them to document spots that would have otherwise been impossible to reach. It was then discovered the eddies would bring

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