Day: November 17, 2014

Ancient Macedonian Tomb May Belong to Alexander the Great’s Lover

Recently archaeologists have discovered human remains in the depths of a large Macedonian tomb. This discovery presents archaeologists with more questions than answers. Could this be the Tomb of Alexander the Great’s lover, Hepaestion? In August, archaeologists had discovered an ancient ornate tomb of substantial size  in the Amphipolis municipality in the northern part of Greece. Archaeologists have

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Cloning Woolly Mammoths From 40,000 Year Old Ice Age Remains


Cloning a woolly mammoth can be the next big bizarre thing to reach the news. Tori Herridge a plaeobiologist from London’s Natural History Museum, will head a team of documentary filmmakers on an hour long television program that will not only investigate, but inform the world if in fact, the well-preserved, frozen carcass of a

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Facebook At Work: New Facebook You Can Use At Work

Facebook-at-Work can be the next big thing among Social Networks. The maker of Facebook does not wish to limit the use of the social online network to personal and entertainment purposes only. He has a new project: a new website will be set up, called “Facebook at Work“, for colleagues to connect. Facebook has a new

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Evidence of Local Clocks in Our Brain Regulating Sleep & Wakefulness Patterns

Science has revealed that our brain contains a master clock called the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) which supposedly controls the activities of other “local” clocks that in turn regulate our metabolism and life processes. However, the lack of evidence of these local clocks has left the concept of biological clocks of wakefulness and sleep rather shrouded

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