Day: November 19, 2014

Liver Cancer Causing Agents Found in Soaps and Toothpastes

The use of chemicals has pervaded most of our manufacturing industries. The trouble with this trend is that many of these are actually harmful to us, if we but knew. As and when evidence is gathered showing the poisonous nature of any one of them, the concerned authorities resort to banning it. Perhaps, such is

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Sufficient Sunshine Can Decrease Cancer Risk

Life on Earth cannot happen without sunshine. In addition to all the fundamental reasons for which we need sunlight, the production of vitamin D in our bodies needs the sun rays to be triggered. If sunlight reaches our skins in only insufficient amounts, the risk for developing cancer might be greater, as indicated by a new study. We

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Avoid Parkinson’s Disease By Walking 6 Hours Per Week

Want to escape Parkinson’s disease? Spending more than 6 hours per week on daily household chores might do the trick. Daily household chores have been proved to be more useful than we would have thought by a new study which suggests that an hour spent daily doing housework, gardening or exercising might constitute a preventive

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What? Seals Having Sex With Penguins Observed

For nearly a decade voyeuristic scientist have been keeping a secret about the adorable arctic creatures that we know and love. This scientific study that has been observed by rational and highly educated minds of science since 2006; is so incredibly vile, humanity would never be able to visit a zoo or aquarium ever again. Seals and

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Has The Philae Lander Discovered Organic Life?

Organic life found by Philae Lander on the comet? For approximately 60 hours the Philae lander module had captivated the world as it scoured and probed the surface of the asteroid named as 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. It deftly gathered any obtainable comet material and matter for analysis. On Monday it was reported that  before the Philae lander’s

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Avoiding Nature’s Call To Pee? Here’s Why You Should Not

Almost everyday humanity is faced with an age-old dilemma, “Do I use a public bathroom or should I hold it until I get home?”. We have convinced our selves that there is no way to protect ourselves from the germs in public bathrooms. We wonder just what are the pros and cons of holding your waste?

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