Day: November 25, 2014

‘Reign’ Virus The Most Harmful Computer Virus Yet

An extremely malevolent form of malwear named ‘Reign’ has been diagnosed to have been infecting computers since 2008. The ‘Reign” virus has been discovered by an internet security company named Synmantec. The researchers have concluded that the virus has been infecting computers for at least 6 years and is the most stealthy and advanced cyber espionage tool that

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1,700 Year Old Cemetry Discovered On Silk Road

Ten ancient tombs constructed out of brick and mortar, some being ornately decorated, have been discovered within a 1,700 year old cemetery on the historical Silk Road, in north-west China.  The Silk Road was a major trade route that traversed a distance of over 6,437 kilometers or 4,000 miles between Europe and Asia. It was

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Rare and Nightmarish Fish Captured On Video For the First Time

Marine scientists have recorded video of the extremely rare and elusive ‘Devil Fish’ for the first time! This real life sea monster is considered to be a prime female specimen of a breed of angler fish know as the ‘Devil Fish’ , it was captured on video by a team of marine scientist from the Monterey Bay

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