Day: November 27, 2014

“Star-Trek” Earth Electron Shield Protecting Us

Scientists have found new data on how our planet is protected from the hazards of outer space. They discovered a new element shielding the Earth from “killer electrons”, and described it as a “Star-Trek-like shield”. This is represented by a sharp boundary in the Van Allen radiation belts, keeping the electrons away. We live in a

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How Vultures Eat Decaying Creatures Without Dying?

Vultures can feed on decaying materials because they have been endowed with specific adaptations, making the impossible possible. Their strong digestive tract, on top of being specially tolerant to certain dangerous bacterial species, is also able to kill most harmful bacteria. Life on Earth is maintained through the interdependent interactions we have with one another

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Studies Show That Hand Dryers Cause More Harm than Good

Scientific research has recently found that the modern automatic hand-dryer is an evil germ spreading monstrosity. A long and in-depth study on the transportation of airborne germs and bacteria in bathrooms that feature an automatic hand-dryer of any style, has produced terrifying, conclusive evidence that may change the bathroom routines of every citizen on the earth.

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Polish ‘Vampire Burials’ No Longer A Mystery

Several deceased bodies from a cemetery in Drawsko, Poland, were assumed to be vampires for over 300 years, until a bioarchaeologist determined the actual cause of the puzzling deaths. Numerous burials, that are dated to be over 300 years old, in the rural town of Drawsko,Poland, have displayed odd and morbid customs that are associated with vampires.

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Mothers’ Bones Re-Sculptured By Pregnancy

Life in this world is a journey punctuated by darknesses and happiness. It is no utopia, it is no bed of roses. Rather, one of the laws governing our environment is that we need the presence of thorns to appreciate the flowers. Life does not come easy. Maybe, this is why the very birth of

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2nd Century BC Well-Preserved Greek Mosaics Discovered in Turkey

Ancient Greek mosaics dating back to the 2nd century BC have been discovered in Turkey, near to Syria. The art works stood the test of time, having remained well-preserved. One of the mosaics depicts the nine Muses. The Earth hides layers and layers of secrets from us, from ancient civilisations and relics to fossils and

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