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Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Is Gay But A Fortune 500 Listed One

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has recently announced that he is gay! But mind it, we are here talking about the only homosexual male who is Fortune 500 listed!

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Apple Inc. is one of the top producers of technological gadgets in the world today. We see these Apple devices everywhere we turn, computers, smart phones, apps, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

Tim Cook the current CEO of Apple Inc. has recently come out of the closet as being a gay man from the conservative minded American state of Alabama. Cook age 54, may have always felt chemically attracted to his own sex, but he was not always the CEO of a billion dollar company. He was born in the states capital of Mobile and spent his childhood growing up in Roberstdale a small town near the Florida panhandle. By 1982, Cook was no longer a child, but a diligent and hard-working young man ,obtaining a B.S degree in Industrial Engineering from Aburn University. He then went on to receive a masters degree in Business Administration from Duke University Fuqua school of Business in 1988. After stints with competitors IBM and Compaq, Cook was asked to join the ranks of Apple in 1998. He then rose through the ranks and was promoted to COO in 2009, and later that year after the current CEO and founder Steve Jobs took a leave of absence due to his poor and declining health, Cook was placed in the CEO position where he served on and off until permanently holding the title in 2011 after Job’s death.

In some parts of the world today being a gay man, may not be the life wrought with peril as it once was,but for Tim Cook being a homosexual man from the notoriously closed minded state of Alabama, it was a life full of secrets, heart ache and hardships.

Shortly before he announced his sexual preference publicly, Cook was inducted into the Alabama Academy of Honor. There he spoke out in great favor of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights in Alabama. Although the homosexual community has been winning many skirmishes and fire fights for equality across the globe, Alabama stays true to its conservative ways. For nearly two decades the American state of Alabama has rejected the notion of same sex equality several times.

After several years of internet-buzz, gossip and rumors about Cook being the gay CEO of apple, on October 29th, he penned an editorial to Bloomsburg Business week, decreeing that yes in fact he is an openly gay man, making him the only homosexual man on the Fortune 500 list. Cook’s sexuality, although widely known at Apple, took a back seat to his own desires for supplying the public with cutting-edge, modern technology.


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