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Archeologists Surprised by Underwater Ruins Near The Greek Island of Delos

Recent discoveries off the coast of the Greek island named Delos have shined new light on an ancient underwater collection of ruins.

underwater pompeii

It was originally believed that these ruins were of not much significance, possibly only being the remains of a long abandoned port or harbor facility. Archaeologists have recently found numerous relics submerged beneath the Aegean sea that have incited the scientific community to rethink their previous theories; drawing them to the conclusion that the area was actually a large, thriving community.

The island of Delos is often held in high regard within the archaeological fields of study due to its significant ties to ancient Greek history, culture and mythology. In Greek mythology the island was said to be the birth place of the god  Apollo and goddess Artemis.

The myth dictates that the twin-gods mother, Leto, was hated by Zeus’ wife Hera; due to the fact that ‘Zeus was a womanizer’. After Leto had became pregnant with Zeus’ children, Hera exiled the goddess and forbade her from giving birth to the children on earth. Leto was said to have wandered the earth searching for a place to birth her children and after being refused shelter at every location she turned, the goddess found the battered and ramshackle island, that would come to be known as Delos, and used it as a sanctuary to give birth to her children; the god Apollo and the goddess Artemis.

The teams of researchers have uncovered numerous pots and other artifacts that show the presence of a much larger community than they had first theorized. The teams have not yet found any reason for the abandoning of the urban dwellings and although the media has dubbed it as an ‘underwater Pompeii’, the site does not contain very many similarities to the more famous city other than the fact that the site seems to have been evacuated.

Although it is mysterious that the inhabitants of this long forgotten city seemed to have left in a mass exodus, it is not that uncommon for a population to mysteriously vacate or leave a well established community. Similar mannerisms have been observed by numerous cultures all across the world, like the Anasazi tribe of the American south west, Easter island and even to a lesser extant Angkor Wat.

The enclave of Delos and its neighboring arpeggios are considered to be a ‘hot spot’ for Greco archaeologists and some of the dig sites on the island of Delos are reported to be the most extensive in the entire Mediterranean region.


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