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Avoiding Nature’s Call To Pee? Here’s Why You Should Not

Almost everyday humanity is faced with an age-old dilemma, “Do I use a public bathroom or should I hold it until I get home?”. We have convinced our selves that there is no way to protect ourselves from the germs in public bathrooms. We wonder just what are the pros and cons of holding your waste?

gotta pee

When even the slightest notion of the possibility that he or she will have to go pee or poop in a lavatory that is not their own, they immediately spiral out of control in a whirlwind of anxiety. We reflect on the concept of public bathrooms and ponder as to why they instill us with fear. Perhaps it is the invisible germs and bacteria, the lack of privacy, the fact that bathrooms can be used as a base location for any number of deviant behavior and anti-social behavior or the most dreaded of all bathroom phenomena, a warm toilet seat.

Scientists and medical professionals alike have disclosed the numerous illnesses that are associated with not only public restrooms but your own home’s private safe heaven for all your bodily needs. Frightening illnesses with hard to pronounce names, like Streptococcus, Staphylococcus, E. Coli and Hepatitis A, among a laundry list of sexually transmitted organisms.

As frightening as these microscopic villains seem to be, they do not pose any real threat to a person who practices a basic hygienic regiment after using any public or private bathroom facilities.

It is a medically proven fact that you may induce more bodily harm to yourself by not using a public restroom when nature calls, rather than avoiding a public restroom when the urge arises. The list of potentially dangerous side-effects from holding your bowel movements or urine include constipation, incontinence, over active bowels or under active bowels, hemorrhoids and on and on. After all poop and pee are toxic.

The next time we are face to face with the horrendous act of needing to use a public bathroom weigh the pros and cons yourself. Yes, there may be millions and billions of microscopic bacteria per square centimeter, but they will pose no direct threat as long as you have no open or bleeding wounds that will come in direct contact with the surfaces in the bathroom and after you are finished,practice an elementary hygiene routine.

When the time comes and you just gotta go, just go, because you will harm your self more and for a longer period of time if you hold it.




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  1. Alain Bastien on

    Once I had an urgent need to pee, I entered a chemist shop and ask whether I could use his toilet He categorically refuse saying that this cannot be let.

    It was in Floreal Mauritius !!!


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