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Coffee Prevents Diabetes With Only 3-4 Cups Daily

Coffee prevents diabetes with only 3-4 cups daily! Coffee, the drink many people from all across the globe cannot go without, might be more beneficial to your health than you would have thought. Studies have shown that coffee reduces the risk of developing diabetes. Decaffeinated and filtered coffee is said to have more of a pronounced effect on lowering the diabetes risk.

There is no disease without a cure – we just have to find it. We can avoid getting to that stage though by taking to preventive measures. We can be protected from a number of diseases if we just stick to certain healthy habits, and sometimes, these take the form of enjoyable and pleasurable routines. For instance, many studies have hinted at the beneficial effect of coffee at reducing the risk of developing diabetes.

One of the research works suggested that consuming up to 4 cups of coffee on a daily basis decreases the risk of developing diabetes by 25 %. It was suggested that filtered and decaffeinated coffee was more beneficial than boiled and caffeinated ones. The study has also outlined the best time of the day to serve the coffee: drinking decaffeinated filtered coffee during lunch was determined as being the most beneficial in reducing the diabetes risk.

The study generated even more details. It was found that each additional cup of coffee led to a decrease in the diabetes risk by 7-8 % more. Perhaps, reader, you are now questioning whether the consumption of several coffee cups is really advantageous, or does it have side-effects like heart diseases? The study answered this question as well: the results showed that the drink does not lead to an increase in the risk of developing diseases like cancer, cardiovascular complications like stroke or hypertension.

The researchers attempted to interpret the beneficial effects of caffeine on diabetes. They suggested that the substance might enhance energy metabolism, and burn calories. Another plausible explanation would be that coffee impacts positively on the sensitivity of the body to the hormone insulin. Yet another alternative would entail an indirect effect of coffee drinking: preferring coffee over sugary drinks might protect a person from developing diabetes.


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  1. Alain Bastien on

    Diabetes is caused by a dysfunction of the pancreas, which is, itself, a complex and highly efficient organ as all others in the human body.

    The excessive use of herbicides, pesticides and insecticides vegetables which have absorb the chemicals by the roots. also abusive use of home insects spay killers absorbed by our system through assimilation of food and breathing

    On the long run destroys the PANCREAS.

    Furthermore some drugs, medicine where side effects mislead or are omitted surely destroy the efficiency of the precious organ the pancreas.

    Coffee will certainly not revive the pancreas neither prevent chemicals to be absorb by our digestive system.


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