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Control The Hand of Another Person With Your Mind? – Possible Say Scientists

What would the world be like if humans could control the minds, or part thereof, of other fellow humans? Maybe the day this happens is not so far into the distant future.

mind control

Researchers from the University of Washington have succeeded at transmitting brain signals from one person to another, thereby allowing for the hand of the second person to be controlled. They are positive that their results could lead to “brain tutoring” – a process where knowledge is transferred from teacher to student in a brain-to-brain method. Wow, this does sound like some kind of learning by osmosis technology!

The scientists who have set out to connect people on a wholly different level in a brain to brain fashion have demonstrated instances of Internet telepathy. Participants were grouped in pairs; three such groups were made. Thereafter, one subject from each pair, the sender, was connected to an electroencephalography machine to read his brain activity. The sender would play a video game where he had to defend a city by firing a cannon. However, he interacted with the game mentally (that’s where one’s imagination plays a great role!), and not physically, without the help of joysticks.

His counterpart, the receiver of the pair, would be in a building a distance away, and he had a swim cap on with a transcranial magnetic stimulation coil placed at the spot of the brain that is responsible for controlling hand movements. The receiver had his hand rested on a touchpad.

The sender would imagine firing a cannon, and an electrical brain signal was sent through the Web to the receiver: the signal would be received as a hand twitch that fired the cannon.

The team of scientists have grown more ambitious: they now wish to transmit more complex brain signals.


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