Da Vinci Surgery Robot in Apollo Bramwell Hospital

The Apollo Bramwell hospital has a new toy to flaunt to the world: a Da Vinci robot equipped with sophisticated technology that will assist surgeons in their endeavours.

Da Vinci robot

The robot is the first of its kind to be brought in the Indian Ocean region. The device would allow medical practitioners to carry out robotic surgery on patients: the Da Vinci is actually the most advanced surgical robot in the world. The machine is composed of several arms onto which miniaturised instruments are fitted, allowing for surgeons to aim for higher accuracy and broader range of motion.

The robot recently arrived at Port-Louis. An elaborated plan was set up to ensure that the unloading and the transport of the device are done smoothly from Port-Louis to Moka.

A specialised surgeon in the domain of robotics will thereafter handle the device: Dr Denis Janelle, expert in urology, who has delved into robotic surgery for 7 years, has been chosen for this task. He is the Proctor of the Intuitive Surgical Systems which has conceived and manufactured the surgery robot Da Vinci. He will also provide training to new doctors in robotic surgery.

The Da Vinci robot is meant to be controlled and guided by the surgeon; the latter steers it towards whatever direction he wishes to. The precision with which it allows for surgeons to reach their targets is greatly beneficial for the patients for whom the post-surgery pains are thereby reduced as much as is possible. With the Da Vinci, risks of contracting infections, having scar marks, the duration of hospitalisation are all decreased. It has thus been a great gem in the medical world.


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