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Dodo Anatomy: 3D Scans Reveal New Features Unknown Until Now

Gone for 3 centuries, but, still having withheld secrets from us: this is the new reality of the dodo. New scans of the only complete skeleton of the extinct bird have revealed portions of its anatomy that was previously undocumented.


The dodo, the flightless bird, gone extinct around the year 1693, has ever since kept many secrets about itself from us. A study has revealed new information of its very anatomy – additional data that had remained unknown until now. Laser scans showed certain portions about the bird that will potentially help us learn more about the dodo.

Its anatomy and biology had remained undocumented at the time when it was alive. It then went extinct at a point in time when extinction itself was not fully grasped by scientists. As a consequence, the journey of the dodo on Earth was not recorded in books.

Fortunately, even after death, the remains of creatures still speak for them. Therefore, a team of scientists decided to investigate the only full skeleton of the bird which is found in the Natural History Museum in Port Louis. Surprisingly, the skeleton has remained unstudied for all this time.

The scientists made use of a laser scanner to generate a 3D digital model of the bird. They also scanned another dodo skeleton which was made from two or more skeletons; the second specimen was found in South Africa at the Durban Museum of Natural Science.

One of the authors stated that: “We discovered that the anatomy of the dodo we were looking at was not previously described in detail. There were bones of the dodo that were just unknown to science until now.”



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