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Eat More Saturated Fats To Lose Weight

The bad kind of fats might not be that bad, considering the results of a new study. The findings generated indicated that saturated fats do not lead to increases in the concentration of fatty acids in the blood. Rather, it was observed that carbohydrates was behind the undesirable effect.

Are saturated fats now body-friendlier than carbohydrates?!

One of the authors, Prof. Jeff Volek, commented on the stereotype that we have been fed since years now, saying that their study “challenges the conventional wisdom that has demonized saturated fat and extends our knowledge of why dietary saturated fat doesn’t correlate with disease.”

The authors have been bold in the interpretation of their results. They claimed that we can so much as double our consumption of saturated fats without having the concentration of fats in the blood increase.

Why such seemingly outrageous statements?

It was found that carbohydrates were associated with higher levels of fatty acids to a larger extent than saturated fats. Increased fatty acid concentration, in turn, lead to cardiovascular diseases and other ailments. Therefore, the authors suggested that carbohydrates might be putting people at risk. The experiments carried out by the researchers showed that adherence to low-carb diets brought about a decrease in a fatty acid, known as palmitoleic acid, that is linked with unhealthy metabolism. It was also seen that as carbohydrate intake was increased, the fatty acid in question increased as well.

Furthermore, the saturated fat that is consumed is not necessarily saved in the body. Also, carbohydrates is said to regulate the process of ‘fat saving’: low-carb diets tune the body to preferentially burn saturated fats. This finding was generated when the participants of the study who were made to double their saturated fat intakes had less saturated fat in their blood than most people.

The study led Prof. Volek to rephrase the expression “you are what you eat” to “you are what you save from what you eat”.

As a result, the authors suggested that those planning to lose weight had better decrease their carbohydrate intake instead of cutting down on fats.


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