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Ebola: Australia and Canada Take a Stern Stance on Ebola Screening

Ebola screening: Australia and Canada are joining several other countries to take a stern and defensive stance against the virus by stopping all visa applications from foreign nationals who have visited any of the Ebola “hotspots”. (What is Ebola?)

ebola virus

There was no faceless rider a top a pale white horse; only microscopic viruses pillaging lives and plaguing the regions of east Africa. An illness completely invisible to the naked eye, heeding no pleas of mercy as it has been decimating men women and children, for nearly four decades.

The earth as a living being has seen the wreckage from the wake of plagues long before humanity struggled to stand up-right. Scientists theorize that the germ may have been the beast who laid waste to the dinosaurs some 65 million years ago. Regardless of how, mammals endured through the cataclysms; evolved into man and learned to fear this faceless foe.

Time and time again throughout the history of civilization, we have engaged in futile bouts of fisticuffs with this abhorred advisory. Different times, different dates, different symptoms with different treatments. The black plague of the mid-fourteenth century , the common cold that slaughtered its way through the Native American population, after the white man staked his claim on the newly discovered world. We found ways to conquer and tame the germ through the microscope and with the advent of anti-biotics.

-Ebola, is the extremely contagious virus sweeping across regions of the North Atlantic seaboard of Africa and other parts of the world today. Not only does the virus infect people, but also primates and may be carried by other spices of animals. Flu like symptoms may occur as early as two days and up to three weeks after the initial exposure of bodily fluids from the infected, followed by decreased kidney and liver function and possibly death within the course of about sixteen days. The WHO states a chance of survival in its victims to be as high as 50%. The first document case of ebola virus infecting a person dates back to 1976 and is reported to have been originated by african fruit bats.

So far Australia and Canada have taken a stern and defensive stance against the virus by stopping all visa applications from foreign nationals who have visited any of the Ebola “hotspots”; including Guiana, Liberia, Mali, Seira Leone, Spain and the United States. So far, the death toll has risen to 4,941 people, 269 of which were health care workers.

An apprehensive,but positive announcement was made by UN system coordinator Dr. David Nabarro, stating that the numbers of infected in Liberia have begun to subside. With no commercial vaccine or specific treatment at this time the key to our well-being is education and prevention.


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