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Japanese Firm, SEL, Bringing Flexible Tablets Foldable Into Smartphones

How cool would it be if we could fold our tablets into smartphones which could also be folded into something smaller? Well, if this what we dream of, it can soon become reality, brought to you by a Japanese firm, SEL.


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Smartphones might be extremely fragile, with the batteries depleting in no time, but soon, they will have a mind-blowing feature: it will be possible to fold them like wallets – or so claims a Japanese company! SEL, Semiconductor Energy Laboratory, has recently demonstrated a display that is foldable into three. Not only would the smartphones be flexible into a wallet-sized object, but they would also be shaped into a tablet: tablets folded into smartphones which can in turn be folded into a less bulky device.

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Samsung had also showed off a bendable display in 2013. It had announced that by 2015, the devices equipped with foldable displays will possibly be on the market.

The display can be used in devices with shapes not fixed, like bendable smartphones and tablets.
SEL has named this feature “tri-fold”. In a video recently released, it showed a smartphone flat like a tablet, and then folding it into a smaller object.

The Japanese firm did not communicate to the public as to when will the displays be embedded into their products. But, from what is reported, the technology does look promising, potentially attracting many manufacturers, perhaps becoming accessible to us in a few years’ time.


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