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Liver Cancer Causing Agents Found in Soaps and Toothpastes

The use of chemicals has pervaded most of our manufacturing industries. The trouble with this trend is that many of these are actually harmful to us, if we but knew. As and when evidence is gathered showing the poisonous nature of any one of them, the concerned authorities resort to banning it. Perhaps, such is the future of TRICLOSAN, the chemical used in many toothpastes and soaps?


Triclosan, a common chemical used in a wide array of products, from antibacterial soaps to toothpastes and many more uses, has been associated with life-threatening issues. A new study has shown that the substance causes liver cancer in mice. Previously, it was suspected of other less severe consequences such as the disruption of certain hormones, and promoting some bacterial strains, all of which questioned whether the positive points of triclosan outweigh its drawbacks. The new study has most probably tilted the balance.

The researchers of the new work showed that triclosan impacted negatively on liver integrity and function. The mice were subjected to exposure to triclosan for 6 months – a time period which is equivalent to 18 years in the life of a human. The observations that were made from then entailed greater vulnerability to chemical-induced liver tumours. The results were interpreted in relation to triclosan’s action on body proteins. Seemingly, the chemical interferes with a protein that is known to get rid of foreign chemicals. Also, the tumours that did develop were found to be bigger and more frequent when compared with mice not exposed to triclosan.

The FDA was already considering banning the chemical in the light of previous evidence generated showing that triclosan might not be as good as it was initially thought. Perhaps, the new study will add in more weight, and influence the decision-making processes? It is expected that by 2015, a verdict will be pronounced about the use of triclosan.


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  1. Alain Bastien on

    No only Soap and tooth paste !!!

    but take for example; if passive smoking is dangerous they have clearly demonstrated it, Release a puff of cigarette smoke on a fly or an ant does not kill it !! OK?

    Use an aerosol insecticide no insects can resist. Don’t you believe that unconciously inhaling these deadly products while you are spraying it on flies and other have no effect on your pancreas, your brain, your liver or your kidneys?

    Just empty your trash, clean up your kitchen, packaged your foodstuff well, and when? at NIGHT before you go to bed.

    A small candy forgotten is enough to see a whole rush of ants. Now they know that you are lazy to their advantage they will take up residence in your house, and you as an idiot to believe to kill them with these dangerous spray you’re killing yourself with these toxic products !!!


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