Month: November 2014

“Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater”, Scientifically Proven

Losers who cheat in relationships are more likely to do so yet again, even to the very one with whom they cheated in the first place. According to a new study, a person preying on others’ partners, or worse, having the latter cheat to start a relationship, is only making matters worse for himself: the

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Millions of Spiders Invade A Treatment By Weaving Giant Webs

Ever wondered what it would be like if spiders joined forces in millions and decided to design their super web catering for all of them? This is what it would like:- Photo credit: Greene et al., 2010/ Entomological Society of America Spiders are scary enough when they are by themselves, alone without their other intimidating friends, such

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Pope Francis Accepts The Scientific Big Bang Theory

big bang explosion

Influential Pope Francis accepts the Scientific Big Bang theory. The Christian Faith had dictated that God had created the world in seven days. When the Bible was penned the christian community did not have a grasp on our modern theories of space, time or the world around them. In the last few decades the Roman

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The Big Circles: Megalithic Sites in Danger of Eradication

the big circles

The ancient and mysterious Big Circles, in the middle east are in immanent danger of eradication. Scientists are now attempting to bring awareness about this mysterious place. Scattered across all four corners of the globe, titanic monuments of stone and earth are found solemnly keeping a vigil eye on the ever-changing world around them. These

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Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Is Gay But A Fortune 500 Listed One

tim cook

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has recently announced that he is gay! But mind it, we are here talking about the only homosexual male who is Fortune 500 listed! Apple Inc. is one of the top producers of technological gadgets in the world today. We see these Apple devices everywhere we turn, computers, smart phones, apps,

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Ebola: Australia and Canada Take a Stern Stance on Ebola Screening

ebola virus

Ebola screening: Australia and Canada are joining several other countries to take a stern and defensive stance against the virus by stopping all visa applications from foreign nationals who have visited any of the Ebola “hotspots”. (What is Ebola?) There was no faceless rider a top a pale white horse; only microscopic viruses pillaging lives

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Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Crash: Tragedy Over the Mojave

Space Ship 2 Crash

Virgin Galatic’s SpaceShip Two crashes moments after  being released from it’s mother ship. One of the 2 test pilots has been killed while the other parachuted to the ground and was injured. For aeons humanity has used their naked eye and instrument made of glass to peer out at the fathomless ,inky black void that

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