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Polish ‘Vampire Burials’ No Longer A Mystery

Several deceased bodies from a cemetery in Drawsko, Poland, were assumed to be vampires for over 300 years, until a bioarchaeologist determined the actual cause of the puzzling deaths.


Numerous burials, that are dated to be over 300 years old, in the rural town of Drawsko,Poland, have displayed odd and morbid customs that are associated with vampires. For some unknown reason in the past the native inhabitants of the community were under the assumption that there area was being plagued by vampires and to ensure that their loved ones would not return from the dead they had inserted stones firmly into the recently deceased’s mouths or embedded the blade of a curved farming cycle around their necks.

It is theorized that the living inhabitants placed the rock into the deceased mouth to prevent them from feeding and the sickle around the neck was hoped to cause decapitation after they would be born again as vampires.

It was understood why the towns folk had desecrated the bodies in such a manner, but until recently it was unknown as to what the actual cause of the vampire paranoia was. A bioarchaeologist named Lesley Gregoricka and a team of co-workers theorize that it was not actually a vampire attack that swept through the community, but actually a cholera epidemic that had swiftly laid waste to many of the natives in that era.

A large percent of the modern world knows that vampires don’t actually exists. Despite the rumors that famous rock stars like Keith Richards and David Bowie or the U.S politician and former Vice President Dick Cheney are actually vampires, humanity knows that they are not a real and tangible entity. It is quite common for the untrained eye to misinterpret unfamiliar or strange individuals as a vampire, but a large portion of misidentified vampires today are actually goth and emo music enthusiasts or people who are paid to write blogs.

Lesley and her team of researchers exhumed specimens of bone fragments from the Polish cemetery and analyzed them for any clues that would explain why these people were assumed to be the undead. After numerous results showed that these people did not die through any violent action it was determined that the alterations of the deceased happened after death. With all these factors placed together, it is now theorized that due to the cholera epidemic, the victims displayed symptoms that were similar to what the villagers misdiagnosed to be vampirism and made the precautions after death to ensure no one would rise from their graves.


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