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Rare and Nightmarish Fish Captured On Video For the First Time

Marine scientists have recorded video of the extremely rare and elusive ‘Devil Fish’ for the first time!

devil fish

This real life sea monster is considered to be a prime female specimen of a breed of angler fish know as the ‘Devil Fish’ , it was captured on video by a team of marine scientist from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute; who used a remote-controlled submarine named the Doc Ricketts,to explore and navigate the dark depths of the Monterey Canyon.

The Monterey Canyon is one part of a massive underwater geographical system of aquatic depressions. This particular canyon is an underwater crevasse that begins within the perimeter of Monterey Bay and reaches 153 kilometers or 95 miles out into the Pacific ocean. At its deepest point, it plummets to a depth of almost 2,000 fathoms (3,600 metres or 11,800 feet), making it comparable to the U.S Grand Canyon.

This rare and incredibly terrifying fish has been seldom witnessed in its natural environment. Bruce Robinson, a research division chairman of the aquarium’s research institute, was quoted to say :

“We’ve been diving out here in the Monterey Canyon regularly for the last 25 years and we’ve seen three.”

The ‘Devil’ angler fish is truly a bizarre and freakish creature. They generally only measure to be 7 to 12 centimeters or 3 to 5 inches in length, but their odd, luminescent ‘lure’ that projects out, above their gaping maw makes this miniature beast a thing of nightmares.

It is noted that the female of the species will not only grow too much larger sizes, but will be the only one of the two sexes to grow the ‘fishing pole’ protruding from its head. The male of the species is speculated only to be used as a means of reproduction and does not appear to serve any other purpose during their life span. The male angler fish has been observed to permanently attach its self onto the much larger female, by locking its jaws onto her body. The male will stop eating and eventually die while clutching a section of the female in its jaws. The male’s body will continue to deteriorate until the only parts that remain are a mound of tissue and its testicles. One scientist had stated that he had seen a female angler fish with as many as 11 pairs of testicles infused on its body.

After the hideous looking find, the team of scientists humanly captured the female specimen, for more in-depth study. What makes this ‘Devil Fish’ specimen such a significant find, incorporates more than testicle speculation and its biological necessities, but it will now enable marine scientists to further plumb the pool of amassed data in regard to conserving the Monterey Canyon.


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