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‘Reign’ Virus The Most Harmful Computer Virus Yet

An extremely malevolent form of malwear named ‘Reign’ has been diagnosed to have been infecting computers since 2008.


The ‘Reign” virus has been discovered by an internet security company named Synmantec. The researchers have concluded that the virus has been infecting computers for at least 6 years and is the most stealthy and advanced cyber espionage tool that has been recorded to date.

It is a complex form of malware that bears many striking similarities to the Trojan horse virus. ‘Reign’ possesses the capabilities to access any computer by disguising itself as legitimate Microsoft software. After the virus has infected the applicable device, it has the potential to induce chaos by stealing data, taking screen shots, commandeering the capabilities of the target computers mouse and stealing passwords saved on the machine itself or imputed into it.

After the virus metaphorically dawns the persona of Microsoft software, it begins to augment into separate stages; 5 total stages, all of which are encrypted, except for the first stage. The virus can only be analyzed after it has completed its entire cycle of stages.

It is noted to infiltrate through several means, the most common are dummy websites and instant messenger programs. Once the ‘Reign’ virus has become engaged by the unknowing victim, it could take an indefinite period of time to be recognized as a threat,  even after it would already be actively attacking your computer.

Researchers theorize that, this abominable piece of malware may have taken years to develop and was originally created by a western government to spy on other nations.

It has attacked all forms of computer users hardware, from small to large-scale public and private businesses, government entities and research institutions. The ‘Reign’ virus has also been detected in telecommunication facilities, presumably to steal phone numbers, overhear and record messages and conversations.

As to date, the ‘Reign’ virus has plagued a total of ten countries across the globe, including Russia, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan.

Currently researchers for Synmantec belive that the ‘Reign’ virus has qualities similar to an iceberg; being that, presently only a small portion of its abilities are able to be observed and that through further analysis will they be able to view the entire destructive capacity that resides below our current level of understanding.

Not only is Synmantec currently informing the public about developments in regard to the ‘Reign’ virus, but but has vowed to continue to update computer users on any future discoveries that pertain to the virus.


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