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The Big Circles: Megalithic Sites in Danger of Eradication

The ancient and mysterious Big Circles, in the middle east are in immanent danger of eradication. Scientists are now attempting to bring awareness about this mysterious place.

Scattered across all four corners of the globe, titanic monuments of stone and earth are found solemnly keeping a vigil eye on the ever-changing world around them. These silent enigmas referred to as megalithic structures; the name modern humanity has dubbed them simply meaning “large stone”, have been dated to be painstakingly constructed anywhere between 4000 to 6000 years ago. Both scientists and archeologist can only theorize as to the original intent of these truly remarkable feats of engineering form our long forgotten ancestors.

the big circles

Photo via Apaame.org

Every day new breakthroughs and speculations, both sound and absurd are made as to how and why these mammoth monsters of rock were created. Perhaps these sites were hallowed ground to practicing the teachings of bizarre pagan deities long since abandoned or beacons to advanced foreign visitors in flying saucers from galaxies unknown.

A set of 11 megalithic structures were first discovered by airplane in Jordan during the 1920s. These “Big Circles“, measuring 400 meters or 1,312 feet in diameter have received only a small amount of media attention as compared to other more famous large stone anomaly’s. Scientists fear that if more awareness is not given to these sites in Jordan and to a lesser extent Syria, not only would these wonders be destroyed, but a wealth of information on our mysterious, long forgotten and unrecorded past.

big circles

The 11 rock formations composed of local stone and earth stand only a few feet high, and originate from an unknown date, but are speculated to predate literacy. They have no openings or mean of egress to either enter or exit and it is considered very unlikely to have been used for livestock.

Archeologist have uncovered numerous artifacts inside the shapes as well as several burial mounds on the opposing side of one of the circles. These discoveries can be dated back as far as 2000 years ago, although these remnants are theorized to have not been left by the originators of the circles, but people who over the course of time have “piggy backed” on the megalithic site.

Although they are considered magnificent due to their massive girth and perfect dimensions, archeologist consider that the construction of these mysterious circles would have taken a remarkably low amount of man power; perhaps as few as a dozen men could have completed one of these projects within a week. All of the shapes are found to be perfectly circular except for the site named “J10” which is reported to be considered “wonky”. The perfectly circular shape could have been easily obtained by tethering a rope to a pole at a center point, stretching the rope to its fullest extent a person would then simply walk in a circle and mark the ground as they go, making the circular out line for the structure.

With little interest invested in “The Big Circles” since their aerial discovery close to a hundred years ago, few expeditions have been made to these relatively untouched structures. One similar sight in Syria has already been consumed by human development and scientists fear more may soon vanish if more awareness is not dedicated to these mid-east megalithic sites.


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