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Ultimate ‘Hangover’ Cure Created By Scientists

A cooperative effort of scientist from two different countries have created a compound that may be the ‘ultimate’ cure for an alcohol induced ‘hangover’.

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This new drug created by scientists may not only be the best way to treat the permanent negative side effects that are correlated with drinking binge, but may also open up new doors in the fields of treating brain disease like Alzheimers.

The wonder compound is named ethane-beta-sutam and was developed over the course of ten years in a joint effort of British and Indian scientists.

First scientists administered a dose of alcohol, that would be equivalent to a human who had engaged in heavy drinking, to a group of male and female rats. The scientists also gave the rodents a portion of the anti-hangover compound.  After the rats had sobered up, they then placed them in a maze and found that the animals who were treated preformed just as well as the rats that had not been given the compound.

The behavior of the rodents while intoxicated has not been reported. It is speculated that while the test subjects were under the influence of alcohol, some of the male specimens were noted to ‘drunk dial’ former rodent love interests and one of the female rats started crying about being single, then ran to the bathroom with several other female rats who then held the crying rats hair, while she was sick and continued to cry.

The term binge drinking is defined as consuming five or more alcoholic drinks within a four to six-hour time period. Questionable evidence suggests that consuming, what some may consider, a large quantity of alcohol in a short span of time may have long-term negative effects on the memory, decision-making and attention span. Some sources even suggest that people in their teen years are especially at risk to the ‘damaging’ effects of alcohol, due to their developing brains.

While talking about mixing drugs and alcohol in an optimistic manner, Professor Mike Page from the University of Huddersfeild  had stated, “One of the things that alcohol does is destroy some of the brain cells which are important for navigation and orientation. But a combination of alcohol and our compound could over come this danger.”

The concept of only treating the negative aspects of recklessly drinking is subject to controversy. Prof Page believes that people will continue to binge drink and damage their bodies regardless if the have this compound or not and that if people are going to continue to hurt themselves, it is only sensible to try to provide a treatment to heal the physical damage the binge drinker has caused to their brain.


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