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Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo Crash: Tragedy Over the Mojave

Virgin Galatic’s SpaceShip Two crashes moments after  being released from it’s mother ship. One of the 2 test pilots has been killed while the other parachuted to the ground and was injured.

Space Ship 2 Crash

For aeons humanity has used their naked eye and instrument made of glass to peer out at the fathomless ,inky black void that is the heavens. We as a species have been puzzled since our conception as to what may lay out there in the great beyond. We have named star systems and secretly dreamed to tame the ethereal that refuses to utter its sublime tales. High frequency radio transmission and inter galactic probes have ricocheted around space since the 1930s. Man has laid his feet on the moon and felt the surface of Mars through robotic feelers controlled by highly educated men 225 million kilometers or 140 million miles away.

On October 31, fire engulfed the California sky 15.24 Kilometers (50000 feet) above the arid plains that are the Mojave desert. A foul gremlin known only to be an “in-flight anomaly” latched its jagged teeth in the breastworks of Virgin’s Galactic SpaceShipTwo. Highway Patrol troopers from the American state of California investigated the wreckage that was so carelessly spat out of the merciless grate blue yonder and found one of the vessels pilots had been killed while the other left seriously injured.


At 9:19 Am PDT or approximately 16:00 GMT the SpaceShipTwo left the runway on the back of its mother ship the WhiteKnightTwo entering the calm and clear blue skies. Upon reaching its desired altitude the SpaceShipTwo separated from its mother ship as planned; only to explode shortly after.

Virgin Galactic had been planning the SpaceShipTwo after its predecessor the SpaceShipOne was awarded the 10 million U.S dollar Anasari X prize in 2004 and then retired.

The SpaceShipTwo, was designed for commercial suborbital space flight, where the ship would be piggy backed to an altitude of 15.24 km, released from its partner and climb into outer space. The ship would not make an entire orbit of the earth and then return safely back to the earth. The original launch was estimated to be as early a 2015 and Virgin Galactic had already began to sell tickets priced at 250,000 U.S dollars. Sources state that Hollywood celebrities and famous minds like Steven Hawking were already booked on the SpaceShipTwo’s maiden voyage.

Like Daedalus warned his son Icarus to keep his wings of wax away from the sun, the SpaceShipTwo spoke of dangers. In 2007 during early stage testing and oxidizer tank exploded resulting in three fatalities and three people serous injured.


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