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WhatsAPP’s Messages are now Encrypted For Android Users

The worlds largest and most popular messaging application, WhatsAPP is now updating its Android users accounts to be able to send and receive encrypted messages; preventing third parties and hackers from intercepting transmissions.

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Although message encryption is already commonly used through other similar text based communication services from Google and Apple, WhatsApp will be launching an encryption update; available first for Android devices then shortly there after, by all other platforms. Currently the update is only viable on person to person communications, but it is planned to be updated again in the near future to encompass group messages.

Before the company released the update, users were vulnerable to any number of third-party and hacker strikes and spying such as the ‘man-in-the-middle’ attack; where a third-party would intercept  messages between at least two separate computers using a hacking technique known as ARP Spoofing.

ARP spoofing is a common and simple method of illegally collecting data and information by diverting the in and out-bound communications of computers and mobile devices to a third-party. The third-party then deceives the computers, leading them to believe they are talking to one another while in all actuality they are conversing through the unknown illegal observer.

Now when a person or persons attempts to spy on an Android users private conversations by intercepting messages sent through the app, a nonsensical mix of letters will appear on their monitoring device, rather than your actual conversation or media.

The recent encryption and coding of this application brings even more scrutiny from government agencies, who have already stated their objections to data encryption on personal messaging platforms. Previously, officials would use similar ARP Spoofing and other eavesdropping methods to monitor suspicious activity and persons.

WhatsApp  is a communication app that allows its users to send and receive text messages, pictures,video and current location. The downloadable app is most commonly used on smartphones but is available on a select group of  more low-tech cellular devices.Its 650million users reside all across the globe with over one tenth of its users living in India alone; making it the most popular messaging platform to date .Earlier this year the California-based company  who created the application, was purchased by face book for 19 billion dollars.



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