Month: December 2014

US Agency Admits The Existence of UFO’s

A US government agency has claimed responsibility for most of the UFO sightings that occurred, across the world, from the 1950’s to the 1960’s.  A large portion of humanity looks to the sky, day or night, and searches for signs of intelligent life, other than our own. Flashing lights, fantastic colors, objects that defy our understanding

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5000 Year Old Underground City Discovered in Turkey

A colossal, 5,000-year-old ancient urban city has been discovered beneath Nevşehir fortress, in Turkey. This discovery is believed to be the most substantial archaeological discovery of 2014. The dynamic landscape of central Turkey holds many secret tales of human history. This region has been witness to the rise and fall of kings and queens, civilizations, languages

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Did the Inhabitants of Sanxingdui Migrate Or Vanish

New research promotes a theory that an ancient civilization in China did not mysteriously disappear as once believed, but had actually migrated to a more hospitable region, due to geological catastrophe. History has proven that, civilizations, cities, languages, and lives have all been consumed by the passing millenniums, only to be lost and forgotten beneath the layers

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Have Scientists Discovered Eternal Youth?

Have scientists created an anti-aging drug that will effectively extend our lives?  As time passes, humanity bears the brunt of its ill-effects, our hair begins to thin and gray, our skin wanes its elasticity, memories begin to fade and the wild days of our youth slip through our feeble fingers. We desperately cling to any

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Discovery of Ancient Stone Tool in Turkey Leaves Archaeologists Surprised

Recent archaeological discoveries in Turkey suggest that our ancient ancestor migrated from Europe to Asia earlier than what was previously assumed.  What would appear to be an ordinary and mundane shard of stone to the untrained eye, is what could be considered to be a scientific breakthrough to archaeologists. This simple shard of quartzite, that was

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Will A Planetary Alignment in January 2015 Allow Us to Float On Earth?

Will some planetary alignment supposedly to occur in January 2015 cause a decrease in gravity, thereby making us almost weightless so we can fly? An amazingly stupid rumour has been circulating on social online networks, claiming that a planetary alignment event next January will cause a decrease in gravity for a period of five minutes

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Ebola & Marburg Vaccines Look Promising

A new Ebola vaccine has been manufactured and tested, producing positive results. The results of the research are now being used to create a more powerful one. The Ebola virus has maintained a staunch fight against humanity: finding a cure has been an unachievable goal so far. It has, as a consequence, taken the lives

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A Child Can Resemble The Ex-Boyfriends Of A Mother – At least in Flies

A new study on flies has suggested that past male mates might have an impact on the future offspring of females in situations where the actual male parent is another individual entirely. The researchers believe that the eggs of the females might have absorbed some of the seminal fluids of their ex-partners that persist in their systems

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Where is our Memory Stored? Scientists Discover That We’ve Been Wrong

Scientists have long since thought that memories lie in synapses. A synapse is the junction where one nerve cell connects to another; it has a gap where substances known as neurotransmitters are released for information to travel from neurone to neurone. According to their theories, memories are stored there, such that if a synapse is

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How iPads and Tablets Are Slowly Killing You

Technology is a troublesome entity, it posses the ability to inspire and share information instantaneously, but it is also known for unpleasant side effects. Tablets and E-readers have almost completely destroyed the necessity for paper books, magazines, and other forms of reading material. People of all ages, from the cradle to the grave, can be observed

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North Korea Internet Outage Over

After North Korea was accused of hacking Sony Pictures which resulted in the delay of the release of movie “The Interview”, the former had to face an Internet outage for 9.5 hours. Are the two incidents related? North Korea was recently hit by an Internet outage that lasted for nearly 10 hours. The dark hours

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Monkeys Have Distinct Dialects of Their Own


The use of words is in itself an art. They allow for proper communication among individuals, with each community having its own specificities. On a higher level, the same words might be used by different people, but designating different entities altogether. Monkeys might be like us in this respect: they have different dialects, and may use the

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