Day: December 1, 2014

Graphene The Strongest Bulletproof Material – Better Than Steel & Kevlar

Mirror, oh mirror, which is the strongest bulletproof material? Steel and Kevlar would be surprised to hear the answer! A team of researchers have discovered a new winner to the question: GRAPHENE. In their study published in the journal Science, it was demonstrated that graphene bulletproof vests would be more resistant to the impact of

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Dogs Process Sound Information Similar To Humans

Humans with pets in their daily lives often tend to believe that the latter are comparable to little humans who understand what they say. Is this how reality goes? A new study has attempted to figure out as to how do dogs respond to human sounds. The human brain is wired to hear the sounds made

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23,000 Year Old Ice Age ‘Venus’ Sculpture Discovered In France

In late November it was announced that Archaeologists in France had found a 23,000 year old ice-age statue depicting the figure of a woman with large breasts and buttocks. Archaeologists described this incredibly rare find as exceptional. The small limestone statue was found over this past summer during an excavation of a dig site in the town of Amiens,

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Sony Pictures Hacked By North Korea? Possible Connection Investigated

Last week Sony Pictures was the victim of a cyber espionage attack that left their employees unable to perform their routine duties and threatened to leak unnamed valuable information, the company is now investigating a possible connection between the hacker group that committed the heist and the regime of Kim-Jung Un. Numerous sources from Sony Pictures first contacted the

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