Day: December 2, 2014

Secrets of the Sandy borg Massacre Told By Skeletal Remains

Archaeologists unearth the skeletal remains and artifacts that portray the massacre of Sandy borg. An ancient crime scene, off the east coat of Sweden, dating back over 1,500 years, depicts the gruesome slaughter of Oland island’s inhabitants. Although, the details of the attack still remain murky, a child sized skeleton has been discovered and identified as

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Ancient World’s Largest Stone Monolith Discovered in Lebanon

During an excavation of an ancient quarry in Lebanon, archaeologists from the German Institute of Archaeology had unearthed a titanic stone block that was dated to be have been created around 27 B.C. Over the summer of 20014, a group of German archaeologists had found the stone (the stone is partially buried and pictured to the right

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Evolution of HIV Rendered It Less Able To Cause AIDS

A new study has suggested that the rapid evolution of HIV might, in fact, be a good thing. As the virus has reshaped itself to grow resistant to the immune system of the infected patients, it has also become less capable of causing AIDS. As a consequence, those carrying the virus in their systems develop

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Plasmid DNA Travels Into Space & Remains Intact

A new experiment has shown that DNA is stable enough to remain intact after a journey in space. Pieces of plasmid DNA were sent onto a rocket in space which thereafter returned to the Earth. It was then discovered that the not only did the DNA stay in the application spots, but it was also

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