Day: December 4, 2014

How Monkeys React to Price Tags? Obviously Not Like You

monkey with money

Our contemporary world has us thinking that the more expensive articles are the ones endowed with the better quality. Our minds have become wired to the very idea that expensive items are more valuable. Psychological studies have shown this very bias that we have developed over time. However, monkeys seem to be immune to the effect

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Enzymes Synthesised From Raw Material Other Than DNA & RNA

Artificial enzymes have been manufactured by scientists using raw materials other than the usual ones, DNA and RNA. Rather, the enzymes have been made from XNAs (xeno nucleic acid). The study might have far-reaching implications with the potential of shedding light on the emergence of life on Earth. The new type of enzymes might also

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Roman and Pictish Silver Hoard Unearthed In Scotland

A hoard of valuable hack-silver, believed to be dated between the 4th and 6th century A.D, was uncovered by archaeologists in northeastern Scotland. The hoard of over 100 pieces of silver consisted of broken up segments of jewelry, coins and other valuable items. The dazzling cache of precious metal was discovered by groups of archaeologists from the National Museums Scotland

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Mysterious Coughing Frog Finally Discovered

Scientists in the U.S have discovered the mythological ‘coughing frog’, that was recently only rumored to exist. For well over fifty years, the rural and rustic people of the U.S Appalachian Mountain range had spoken of the mysterious and legendary ‘coughing frog’. These people, who openly talked about the taboo subject were often laughed at and chastised; some

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500,000-Year-Old Zig Zag’s Maybe Humanity’s First Abstract Art

Anthropologists announced on Wednesday that they have found, what they believe to be the world’s oldest piece of abstract art work. The art was discovered on a shell that is believed to be around 500,000 years old. The basic geometrical shapes etched on the clam shell were most likely created by Homo erectus, an ancient ancestor

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