Day: December 5, 2014

How Red Wine Actually Causes Cancer and Also Destroys It

While the alcohol contained in red wine constitutes a risk factor for head and neck cancer, a chemical found in grape skins (and, in red wine) called resveratrol has been found to provide protection against cancer, according to the results of a recent study. Alcohol and cancer On studying a disease called Fanconi anaemia, scientists

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Electric Eels ‘Tase’ Their Prey

A study that was published on Thursday, in the Journal Science, announced new observations on the way electric eels attack their prey.The electric eel has been shocking its victims with charges of electricity since it first adapted the ability, countless eons ago. In the late 1700s humanity began to pondered this perplexing phenomenon. This indigenous aquatic predator of South America,  is known

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Disruption of Sleep Cycle Linked To Cancer Development

The disruption of the sleep cycle might lead to the development of cancer. It was shown by researchers of a new study that a molecule involved in regulating the circadian clock is modified in function when the sleep cycle is disrupted. As a result, another protein which is a tumour suppressor is affected by the

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Injecting Human Brain Cells Into Mice Have Created ‘Super Mice’

Through a process that involves injecting the brain cells of a human fetus into a baby mouse’s brain, scientists have created what the media is calling a ‘super mouse’. This scientifically mutated mouse is reported to be four times more intelligent than an average mouse. The goal of this bizarre experiment was not to spit in God’s

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