Day: December 10, 2014

Just Discovered: Strange 3,000 year old Sarcophagus of an Amun Priestess

In Egypt, a 3,000-year-old, strange and well-preserved sarcophagus, belonging to a female singer of Amun, was recently discovered by a team of Spanish archaeologists.  The mysterious,ancient coffin, consisting of carved wood and covered with plaster, is reported to be in excellent condition and still containing its original occupant. The outside of the burial casket was noted to have

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520-million year old Fossil of a Bizarre Balloon Like Animal Discovered in China

This recently discovered fossil is of an ancient marine animal, that lived 520 million years ago. The creature consisted of a rigid, balloon like exoskeleton that was covered in hard, sharp spines. The name of this strange Cambrian-era creature is Nidelric pugio and belongs to the species of life forms known as chancelloriids, which also shared the same hard

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Links Between Power-lines and Cancer Questioned by New Studies

How harmful are the weak magnetic fields that are generated from power-lines, mobile phones and other electrical devices and equipment? Researchers have been studying the connection between theses everyday electronics and necessities of human life, to cancer outbreaks, since the 1970’s. Earlier studies produced positive results linking the two subjects. The studies implied that the

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The Pirate Bay Goes Offline After Sweden Police Carried Out Raid

Millions of The Pirate Bay users must be cringing right now. The website is unavailable worldwide. Sweden police is said to have carried out a raid, seizing several servers and computers. For the first time in months, The Pirate Bay (TPB) website is offline. TPB has acquired thousands of users over time who would wind

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