Day: December 18, 2014

Studies Show People Are Living Longer

Humanity’s life expectancy is rising. People are now expected to live an average of six years loner than they had only 2 decades ago. A recent studies show that people are living longer , staying healthier, and suffering from serious illness less often than they ever have before. The global life expectancy for both men

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900 year-old Polyphonic Sheet Music Discovered

A section of sheet music, dated to be nine centuries old was recently discovered by a, Cambridge University, student. This discovery is believed to be the earliest example of polyphonic music ever to penned. Music is large portion of many people’s lives. Some people may play instruments, some may sing or play drums, while others my only

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FDA Warns Against Use of Ultrasound By Untrained Individuals

The FDA has warned against the unnecessary and untrained use of ultrasound imaging to take foetus selfies by individuals who do not have a medical background. As a matter of fact, companies have been set up to provide this ‘facility’ to pregnant women. While no evidence of harmful effects has been produced by experts, the FDA

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