Day: December 22, 2014

Herodium’s Secret Corridor Discovered by Archaeologists

Over the last year, many historical discoveries have been made while excavating the ruins of Herod the Great’s palace-fortress. Recently a team of Hebrew archaeologists has unearthed a grand entrance to the ancient warrior king’s grand monument. The buried entryway consists of a long corridor, with a complex system of pillars and arches, that encompass three tiers, spanning 6 meters across

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Bottle of Champagne: Better To Shake or Not?

Champagne, the most sophisticated of alcoholic beverages, the unofficial drink of kings, queens, movie stars and rappers alike. Humanity may never know the reason why we flock to this fizzy intoxicant. Is it the bubbles, the taste, that certain je ne sais quoi or the expensive price tag that is often associated with it? The world

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