Day: December 23, 2014

North Korea Internet Outage Over

After North Korea was accused of hacking Sony Pictures which resulted in the delay of the release of movie “The Interview”, the former had to face an Internet outage for 9.5 hours. Are the two incidents related? North Korea was recently hit by an Internet outage that lasted for nearly 10 hours. The dark hours

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Monkeys Have Distinct Dialects of Their Own


The use of words is in itself an art. They allow for proper communication among individuals, with each community having its own specificities. On a higher level, the same words might be used by different people, but designating different entities altogether. Monkeys might be like us in this respect: they have different dialects, and may use the

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The Lost City of Sizhou

Chinese archaeologists have announced that their excavation of the lost, ancient city of Sizhou, has been completed. The 2,000 square meter ruins, sprawl out over Xuyi county, in China’s Siangsu province, near the modern city of Huaian. This site, now a mere shadow of its former self, once held a beautiful and grand Chinese city, sitting

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Watch Out: Human Bone Mass Is Decreasing

Studies show a dangerous trend in the degeneration of bone mass in modern people, scientists believe that this is a direct result of our lack of mobility. Researchers from the University of Cambridge’s Department of Phenotypic Adaptability, have peered deep into humanity’s history, studying our ancestral bones from thousands of years ago. The results of these

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Studies Show That Fast Food Causes Low Test Grades In Children

A recent Study shows that children who regularly eat fast foods receive test grades much lower than other students. The experts theorize this phenomenon is attributed to the lack of minerals in mass-produced foods. Fast food, a questionable substance that is more alluring than the Mona Lisa, more delicious than the most exquisite of cuisine, and

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