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23,000 Year Old Ice Age ‘Venus’ Sculpture Discovered In France

In late November it was announced that Archaeologists in France had found a 23,000 year old ice-age statue depicting the figure of a woman with large breasts and buttocks.


Archaeologists described this incredibly rare find as exceptional. The small limestone statue was found over this past summer during an excavation of a dig site in the town of Amiens, located in the northern part of France.

This find is reported to be the first of its kind to be discovered within the last 50 years and archaeologists believe it dates back to the Paleolithic era. This relic is accredited to hold great international significance and as masterpiece created by the hands of an ancient artist. Researchers speculate that the figure was crafted by using simple tools that were made out of flint or bone.

The Paleolithic era was a large portion of humanities ‘pre-history’ and predated the Mesolithic era. It is theorized that during the Paleolithic era, humanity was still in the early stages of civilization. Our substantially less advanced ancient ancestors lived in nomadic bands that hunted food and gathered resources as they constantly moved from one location to another.

The sculpture referred to as ‘Venus’ by numerous sources was not found completely intact. While the teams of archaeologists excavated the dig site, they came across a suspicious pile of limestone rocks and discovered that the heap was actually many shattered fragments of one larger creation. The shards were then carefully pieced together on the same night as the archaeologists unearthed the collection of limestone pieces. Once the stone artifacts were restored and completely pieced back together it was discovered that the all the components together collectively created the figure of a nude woman.

After the sculpture was reassembled, scientists had the piece of pre-history artwork carbon dated only to find that it was created roughly 23,000 years ago.

The small figure is said to be measured at approximately 12 centimeters in length or 4 and a half inches. The depiction my be considered primitive and crude by modern standards, but to ice-age humanity it was an excellent representation of a naked woman with large breasts and more than ample buttocks. It is also noted that for unknown reasons the artist portrayed the woman to have a less defined head and arms.

Currently only around 100 similar sculptures have been found and documented. The majority of the discoveries had occurred in Russia and central Europe, 15 have been uncovered in France.

Researchers speculate that the figure was used a symbol of fertility, presently it is unknown if the ‘Venus’ sculpture was utilized in rituals or if it was only to be presented as an ornate decoration.



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