Day: December 29, 2014

Did the Inhabitants of Sanxingdui Migrate Or Vanish

New research promotes a theory that an ancient civilization in China did not mysteriously disappear as once believed, but had actually migrated to a more hospitable region, due to geological catastrophe. History has proven that, civilizations, cities, languages, and lives have all been consumed by the passing millenniums, only to be lost and forgotten beneath the layers

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Have Scientists Discovered Eternal Youth?

Have scientists created an anti-aging drug that will effectively extend our lives?  As time passes, humanity bears the brunt of its ill-effects, our hair begins to thin and gray, our skin wanes its elasticity, memories begin to fade and the wild days of our youth slip through our feeble fingers. We desperately cling to any

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Discovery of Ancient Stone Tool in Turkey Leaves Archaeologists Surprised

Recent archaeological discoveries in Turkey suggest that our ancient ancestor migrated from Europe to Asia earlier than what was previously assumed.  What would appear to be an ordinary and mundane shard of stone to the untrained eye, is what could be considered to be a scientific breakthrough to archaeologists. This simple shard of quartzite, that was

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