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5000 Year Old Underground City Discovered in Turkey

A colossal, 5,000-year-old ancient urban city has been discovered beneath Nevşehir fortress, in Turkey. This discovery is believed to be the most substantial archaeological discovery of 2014.


The dynamic landscape of central Turkey holds many secret tales of human history. This region has been witness to the rise and fall of kings and queens, civilizations, languages and religions alike. Its awe-inspiring valleys and somber mountain tops, have provided refuge and security for humanity since its dawn. Some may consider the task of completely ingesting the serene beauty of the region’s surface in one lifetime an impossible feat, many have devoted their lives to such a feat, immersing themselves in the study of this archaic land.

Recently, yet another portion of the mystery that is humanity, has been unveiled from its earthen cocoon. The subterranean urban site, discovered beneath Nevşehir fortress, has not yet been officially dated, but is theorized to be 5,000 years old, and has currently produced over 40 artifacts that researchers have dated to coincide with the presumed age of the facility.

This site, similar to the subterranean city at Derinkuyu, is noted to contain numerous dwellings, catacombs, temples and other facilities that would enable its occupants to thrive beneath the surface of the Earth. However, unlike its ‘sister city’ of Derinkuyu, the system of tunnels in the site is believed to extend at least 7 kilometers (3.5 miles), in a winding labyrinth that not only boggles the mind, but is a monument to our ancient ancestors engineering capabilities.

It is somewhat hard to imagine that this forgotten city, not only remained hidden from the eyes of the living, for so many millenniums, but also was discovered on accident, during the process of land development. The Hurriyet Daily News, stated that the massive subterranean complex of tunnels and other residential needs, was unearthed during an urban transformation project carried out by Turkey’s Housing Development Administration. The Hurriyet Daily News, stated:

“Some 1,500 buildings were destructed located in and around the Nevşehir fortress, and the underground city was discovered when the earthmoving to construct new buildings had started,”

2014 has produced many significant archaeological finds throughout the globe, Polish vampires, lost Chinese civilizations, Mayan ruins, and Aboriginal cave art in Australia. But, by far the most substantial archaeological discoveries this year have been produced by the Nation of Turkey. Ancient stone tools, tombs and catacombs have all been uncovered by men and women who possess the desire to not only understand where modern humanity has been, but what forces drove them there.


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  1. N.C.Saxena on

    India in that period was humming with human achievments in their own kind of Science & Tech, VedPurans, cosmology and Ganit (Maths), China civilisation too is equally old, may be we find some connection, it would be worth looking for.


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