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Ebola & Marburg Vaccines Look Promising

A new Ebola vaccine has been manufactured and tested, producing positive results. The results of the research are now being used to create a more powerful one.
ebola vaccine
The Ebola virus has maintained a staunch fight against humanity: finding a cure has been an unachievable goal so far. It has, as a consequence, taken the lives of thousands in West Africa where a pandemic has settled. Scientists attest to be tediously putting in efforts to engineer a cure, but none of these research works has yielded desired effects. Recently, though, some researchers claim to have made huge steps forward in this domain. They have manufactured two experimental DNA vaccines that could tackle the current crisis.

Together with the said Ebola vaccine, a Marburg vaccine (Marburg virus being closely related to Ebola) has also been created. The participants of the study were sampled from Uganda. They were randomly administered with either one of the two vaccines, or with both of them, or with placebo.

The researchers thereafter found that the vaccines were safe, both when given individually and together. They triggered an immune response whereby neutralising antibodies and T-cells were made to destroy the virus proteins. Furthermore, around 50 % of the volunteers generated a response involving antibodies against the Ebola Zaire protein.

One of the scientists involved in the work, Julie Ledgerwood, said : “This is the first study to show comparable safety and immune response of an experimental Ebola vaccine in an African population. This is particularly encouraging because those at greatest risk of Ebola live primarily in Africa, and diminished vaccine protection in African populations has been seen for other diseases.”

The results, published in journal The Lancet , are already being used to create a more potent vaccine.


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