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Injecting Human Brain Cells Into Mice Have Created ‘Super Mice’

Through a process that involves injecting the brain cells of a human fetus into a baby mouse’s brain, scientists have created what the media is calling a ‘super mouse’. This scientifically mutated mouse is reported to be four times more intelligent than an average mouse.

test mouse

The goal of this bizarre experiment was not to spit in God’s eye or create a race of super mice, that may someday rise above mankind and devour us all, but to allegedly further scientists understanding of diseases that attack the human brain. The reasoning behind this molestation of mice brains was, if scientists possessed brain specimens that more closely resembled a human, it would enable researchers to grasp a higher understanding of the biological mechanics that are at work deep inside our brains.

This blasphemous act of super science, under the guise of progress, was performed by researchers at the university of Rochester Medical Center.

These researchers or possibly mad scientists, obtained samples of brain cells from donated human fetuses. These brain cells or ‘gilal’ cells, were then injected into the brains of normal, everyday, cheese loving, lab mice. The ‘gilal’ cells then attached themselves to the pre-existing mice brain cells and mutated the cells into a superior form of astroyctes; a star-shaped cell with long tentacles.

Astrocytes are an integral part of the thought process, due to their ability to coordinate the transmissions of electrical impulses between neurons. Mice also have astroyctes in their brains, but they exist in fewer numbers, as well as being less developed.

The mastermind behind this vile perversion of nature was, Professor, Steve Goldman. In an interview the professor had given to New Scientist magazine, he had uttered this statement; possibly in an odd, frantic and terrifying manner :

” It’s like ramping up the power of your computer. We can say they were significantly smarter than the control mice. These are whopping effects.”

These tests have been reported to make the test mice far more intelligent than the mice that were not administered with brain injections. Over the course of a year, the human brain cells have been observed to completely absorb the mice brains. Goldman’s team have alleged, that as of yet the mice have not displayed any human behavior or qualities. In a somewhat veiled statement, Goldman implied that they had only thought about testing the experiment on monkeys, but declined to test on the primates, because of ethical reasons.

These findings were first published in the March Issue of the journal Cell Stem Cell.






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