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Links Between Power-lines and Cancer Questioned by New Studies

How harmful are the weak magnetic fields that are generated from power-lines, mobile phones and other electrical devices and equipment?


Researchers have been studying the connection between theses everyday electronics and necessities of human life, to cancer outbreaks, since the 1970’s. Earlier studies produced positive results linking the two subjects. The studies implied that the low magnetic fields emanating from high voltage power-lines, definitely increase the possibilities of childhood-leukemia and other forms of cancer.

A recent study of the phenomenon, by the Manchester institute of Biotechnology, has found new faults in the old studies, eliminating and annulling many of the results that were considered to be positive in the earlier experiments .

The researchers tested the old theories by bombarding human proteins with weak magnetic fields or WMF. After accumulating data from the experiment, it was determined that the WMF has no negative impact on the key human proteins, there by disproving the old theories, stating that high voltage power-lines and other electrical devices created cancer clusters.

The experiment was funded by the Electro Magnetic Fields Biological Research Trust and entailed an in-depth study on the reaction of the proteins that promote healthy human function. This class of proteins named, flavoprotiens are the primary element in our nervous system as well as the governing agents in our DNA’s ability to perform nessecary repairs.

If it were in fact true, that the WMF caused this class of proteins to go ‘hay-wire’, then the researchers would have witnessed numerous ill-effects on the test specimens. But, the scientists stated that no viable mal-effects were produced in the outcome of the study; giving high voltage power-lines a clean bill of health.

Professor Nigel Scrutton, the co-author of the recent study stated:

” More work on other possible links will need to be done, but this study defiantly takes us nearer to the point where we can say that power-lines, mobile phones and other similar devices are likely to be safe for human.”

Although high voltage power-lines are an eyesore and produce an unsettling hum, although people have stated that cellular phones as well as radar guns will give its users brain and groin cancer, we no longer need to heed the warnings of scientists and nay-sayers, because researchers from the Manchester institute of Biotechnology, said they are safe for humans to use.


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