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Mysterious Coughing Frog Finally Discovered

Scientists in the U.S have discovered the mythological ‘coughing frog’, that was recently only rumored to exist.


For well over fifty years, the rural and rustic people of the U.S Appalachian Mountain range had spoken of the mysterious and legendary ‘coughing frog’. These people, who openly talked about the taboo subject were often laughed at and chastised; some individuals even dared to label the believers as fools and hillbillies.

Finally, after numerous years and an undisclosed amount of man hours, the elusive ‘coughing frog’ of the U.S Atlantic coast has been discovered. A brave team of explorers, scientists and researchers recently set out on a bold quest to quell the fair tales, hush the gossip and find this mythological species.

The Rutgers University led expedition, consisting of a group of wild-eyed, rag-tag scientists, has found a living specimen of the frog, there by proving, for once and for all, the existence of the ‘coughing frog’. The findings were originally published in the journal PLOS ONE.

The ‘coughing frog’ or the Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog’s existence was first claimed by the ecologist Carl Kauffeld, in 1937. At the time, Kauffeld’s claims of the ‘coughing frog’, were considered preposterous and then ignored by his peers, in the scientific community.

The recently discovered frog was not considered to be a new or separate species, by the scientific community, due to its close relation to the Northern and Southern Leopard Frog. But, after Jeremy Feinberg, who at the time was a Rutgers University doctoral candidate, had encountered the fabled frog, six years ago on Staten Island, researchers were forced to give the stories of the ‘coughing frog’ a closer look.

Feinberg, then stood at the helm of a crew, that was composed of scientific colleagues. Together, they used space aged bio-acoustic contraptions in combination with molecular tools designed to study the beast’s genetic make up. With the collection of data the team amassed, they positively identified the specimen they had theorized was a ‘coughing frog’. Through in-depth analysis, it was noted that the croak’s sonic structure of the recently discovered Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog was completely different to it its northern and southern relatives; the Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog’s croak actually sounded like a cough.

It is believed that the Atlantic Coast Leopard Frog’s habitat, extends from the southern state of North Carolina to the New England state of Connecticut.

Thankfully no men were lost or seriously injured during the expedition that dove deep into the rural and seldom traversed regions of  the U.S Atlantic coast, to discover the mythological ‘coughing frog’ .




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