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NASA To Create Floating-Cities on Planet Venus

How would you like to party in a cloud city floating above the planet Venus? According to NASA, this might not be as far-fetched as it sounds.

If we can’t live on other planets, we can set cloud cities! Or so, NASA says. The space agency of the US has devised a plan to conquer other worlds: building cloud cities on the planet Venus, believing that its atmosphere is good enough for exploratory air ships. They have called this area of the Venus environment “sweet spot”.

The sweet spot is found at a 50km height above the planet, with an atmosphere of gravity and pressure, both being lower than ours. The mean temperature of the sweet spot is around 17 degrees greater than that of the Earth: the scientists are of the opinion that it is tolerable.

Planning for a manned mission – sending a spacecraft to orbit the planet for a month’s time – might also be possible.

Before cloud cities are actually sent out, NASA will have to study the atmosphere. the manned mission would only be part of the study. NASA could also include robotic exploration, sending a crew for a period of a year, and thereafter testing for the permanent presence of humans there.

One of NASA’s scientists, Dale Arney, said: “Since there’s no surface to land on, the landing would be extreme, to say the least. Traditionally, say if you’re going to Mars, you talk about entry, descent, and landing“.


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