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North Korea Internet Outage Over

After North Korea was accused of hacking Sony Pictures which resulted in the delay of the release of movie “The Interview”, the former had to face an Internet outage for 9.5 hours. Are the two incidents related?
North Korea was recently hit by an Internet outage that lasted for nearly 10 hours. The dark hours now seem to be over though.

What caused the Internet outage?

North Korea was previously accused by the FBI of the Sony Pictures hack some time back. The hack was considered to be quite pertinent to the firm since it had had to postpone the release of movie “The Interview”.

Then, the Internet blackout occurred right after – less than a week after the accusation was made.

Has the Internet outage that has affected North Korea anything to do with the US-related incident? Two officials from the US have, in fact, denied being involved in the outage. However, this does not stop speculations, specially after President Obama himself made a statement about reacting to what happened concerning the hacking.

It is to be noted that the Internet outage affected mostly those few having access to the Internet in the first place: North Korea’s elites. The majority of the population do not have an Internet connection. Those behind the outage might have been motivated by this, perhaps?


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