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Scientists Recreate The Spark That Started Life On Earth

Scientists have recreated the original “spark” that is believed to have created life on Earth.


The scientists mixed a concoction of chemicals and mud, then blasted the substance with a high-powered laser beam. The result of this experiment was the basic chemicals that create life.

Although the supporters of the experiment believe the results are basic, they agree that the outcome was a success. The end product of the laser blast and sloppy mud like substance was the four chemical bases that are found in the make up of RNA, a basic form of DNA, that designs life as we know it.

The experiment was conducted in Prague and led by Svatopluk Civis. He claims the significance of the experiment, to be the fact that no one has proven the theory that life was created on Earth by a powerful spark of heat and energy, possibly caused from an asteroid, this experiment proved that the primordial ooze that was on Earth could have been ‘sparked’ into existence.

The bases that compose RNA have already been created in laboratories by using chemicals and pressure. This experiment was the first of its kind that utilized a laser to emulate the effect of a colossal space crash.

The massive laser that was used in the process, was close to 150 meters long. In the fraction of a split second that the laser was fired, it generated an amount of energy that is equivalent to the output of a few nuclear power plants. The invisible beam of light, created an estimated one billion kilowatts of energy and a small wave of heat that was 4,200 Celsius.

Although the experiment was impressive and produced the desired results, many scientists disagreed with Civis’ findings, as well as his theory of life’s creation on Earth. The results do prove that the basic blueprints of life could be created by a super heated, high energy blast. The ruling factor in his concept is that, at the time of the theorized creation , it is believed that 10 times the amount of asteroids were colliding with earth, but other scientists still dismiss the findings.

John Sutherland of the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, England, strongly disagrees with the results published from the Prague laboratory, on the basis that the scale of the project was too small to create relevant results. while other scientists disbelieve in the ‘spark’ theory all together. The opposition to the theory believe that life was not created from a massive release of energy, but instead was carried in a basic from to earth on an asteroid.



  1. Alain Bastien on

    ..if GOD didn’t then

    Who created the chemicals in the mud and the Spark ?

    My Smartphone was surely not created by a spark !!

      • AlainBastien on

        Of course, I am a fairy also , I have a magic stick with which I created my children, I injected the Mud in an orifice and nine months later a full fledged new human came out !!!! Isn’t that GREAT !!!

        I believe that GOD gave me that power.


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