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Sony Pictures Hacked By North Korea? Possible Connection Investigated

Last week Sony Pictures was the victim of a cyber espionage attack that left their employees unable to perform their routine duties and threatened to leak unnamed valuable information, the company is now investigating a possible connection between the hacker group that committed the heist and the regime of Kim-Jung Un.


Numerous sources from Sony Pictures first contacted the technology news website known as Re/Code and divulged a statement that Sony Pictures is now investigating rumors that a hacker group funded by the North Korean’s supreme leader, based out of China, were the forces behind the recent cyber attack.

It is rumored that the attack on the company is due to the upcoming release of the Sony Pictures comedy starring Seth Rogan and James Franco named, “The Interview”. The plot of the film involves two journalists who have been assigned by the C.I.A to assassinate the North Korean Dictator, Kim-Jung Un.

The concept of the soon to be released comedy has reportedly thrown the despot’s regime into a up-roar and have been quoted to threaten a “merciless counter-measure” against Sony Pictures. On Friday, a government-owned North Korean website, claimed that the upcoming debut from Sony Pictures is an “evil act of provocation” and it deserved “stern punishment”.

Other media outlets have reported that a South Korean think tank named the Police Policy Institute, believes that Kim-Jung Un’s regime may have enlisted a horde of around 3,000 hackers to execute the attack on Sony Pictures.

It has not yet been clarified if the hack attack on Sony Pictures, performed by the group of cyber terrorists known as the “Guardians of Peace” had actually been followed through on or not. Reports have been noted that several movies had been unlawfully released, but as of yet Sony Pictures has not released any information that would either confirm or deny a connection between the two occurrences.

North Korea has been accused for similar cyber attacks within the past year, that were targeted at South Korea. The fascist regime allegedly executed attacks on two separate South Korean television broadcast networks as well as freezing the country’s network of automated teller machines or ATMs, leaving many citizens finances paralyzed and inaccessible for several days.

Seth Rogan, the star and co-writer of the film had reported to Vanity Fair, the he had hoped Kim-Jung Un would have watched and enjoyed the movie, possibly that it would have appealed to his ego.


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